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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Careers in Information Technology

Technological innovation is different from many other sectors, in this field there is such a great range of prospects that can be a good fit for all types of skill sets. You may have an aptitude for growth, problem solving and project management or hardware solutions. All of these personal abilities or skills would allow you to engage in a variety of outstanding professions in IT field. Here are a few job responsibilities that might aid you to discover something that suits your skills and abilities:

1- Software Development

Software development takes an exclusive skill. Some people have brainpowers that are wired for it and some people would just effort and are annoyed. Evidently, a good foundation in math is vital but most encoding does not require more than good algebra and geometry skills. More than math, you need to identify with how to solve issues, research and not brain delving into lines of code.

2- Enterprise Data

Corporate or enterprise data systems are very specialized however also pay very well. It can be complex to get great knowledge in some of these areas. In this sector I include the Enterprise-level applications that small, medium and large businesses use to deal with and share data. Database back-end is a key branch of it but you have an increasing number of options for ERP and CRM systems that all lump into this category. Some of the key technologies would be SAP, MS-SQL, Oracle, Dynamics, Sage and many more.

3- Networking

Range of job skills within networking can be very wide, as well as the pay scale for careers here. I’ve seen jobs with the title “Network Administrator” pay as low as Rs. 400/hr up to Rs. 2 million/year in the same area, with the similar job title. It actually depends on the skills and responsibilities that go along with it. Getting into networking can get complex rapidly, but that is also when it pays better and has further responsibility. If you are taking into consideration switching up in networking, you really need to get Cisco skills and certifications.

4- Systems

This segment is all about the infrastructure. Servers, Operating Systems and general networking are some of the wide skills to be needed. Current technologies are in high-availability, rising performance and virtualization tools such as VMware and Hyper-V. SAN systems and Fiber networks are also key apparatus of the rebirth of this part of IT, making it more trustworthy, competent and smart. If you have an extensive interest and understanding, and are comfortable with learning new things as technologies change quickly, Systems Engineering might be a big position for you.

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