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Registration Form


1. The application to become a Tutor at TLH every tutor has to fill a Registration Form (herein after referred to as TRF) will be filled in person by the tutor himself.

2. The processing fee for TRF will be Rs.500/-. The applicant will pay fee along-with TRF in the shape of cash or bank draft in favor of The Legends Hub or it would be deducted from the first fee/salary of tuition/job that would be provided by the TLH. The post graduate degree holders applying for registration as tutor will be exempted from the Registration & Processing Fee, however they are not exempted from annuall membership fee that would be Rs. 500.

3. The processing fee once deposited will not be refunded in any case.

4. The registration fee to become a tutor is Rs. 500/annually. 

5. The applicant will submit his/her TRF along-with attested copies of testimonials and the prescribed fee in the office concerned.

6. Each job that will be given through TLH will be charged 50% from the first salary/tuition fee as service charges. 

7. This is the policy of TLH Academy that it will never ask fees from our prospective student/inquiry, provided that student or inquiry told us priorly about his/her expected budget, so all tutors/members are intimated here to not to ask fees in answer of an job or tuition inquiry from Academy. 

8. All tutors/members have kept this thing in their mind clearly that "meet & convince" is the rule of Academy and an essential guideline try to follow it and never ask for fees from inquiry on phone or during telephonic conversations, just ask address and time for demo, if you are thinking for an inquiry as potential-less just drop it rather wasting time of Academy and tuition/inquiry.

9. Tutor/s will have no right to collect his first salary from the tuition it would be collected by the rider of the academy. 

** Please read and remain in your mind the above rules # 6 to 9 carefully as tutor will become banned or black listed if he/she will not properly follow the instructions. 

10. The registration will not confer any right of appointment as a tutor under any circumstances.

11. The tutor keeps one copy of each of the individual/cumulative result in safe custody for record and reference for a period of 2 years after its submission in the office.

12. In case of non-compliance of any of the above mentioned Terms & Rules by the tutor, TLH has the right to banned or black listed the Tutor either for a specific period of time or banned him/her permanently.

Are you agree with the above terms and conditions?

No I am not

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