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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Sir is There Any Tuition?

Sir is there any tuition for me right now?
Can you provide me home tuition?

The above mentioned are famous text in these days receiving to me in sms and emails daily after summer vacations that have to be ended on 15 August but unfortunately not yet ended up. May Allah will give this nation some educational sense and responsibility so that we know the importance of studies, well anyways my response to all of my registered home teachers are very simple any just in few words, these words are as below;

"However schools have now opened but parents are not able to prepare themselves to send their children to school and that is the only reason that we are not getting inquiries from parents to have a home teacher for their children, so as soon as we will received parents inquiries we will contact you."

So that's all a few simple words will be enough for the teachers, we all know that teacher as a person has a sensitive personality and he will cheer up if someone will say him some few words.