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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Essential Guidelines for CIA Exam

Many of you could pass CIA exams without coaching, even more cannot. It depends upon background of the course. An ACCA, CA or CPA who works as an auditor could well pass it without any difficulty, unlikely the one that passed it without having accounting, auditing or finance background.

I want to share some of the general guidelines helpful for passing CIA exam with group who are new to CIA:

1. What I believe so far is that the most useful, complete and cost helpful study material is Gleim. (Any of 14th, 15th or 16th editions will be sufficient for you)

2. Use a planned approach while preparing your lessons for exam as an example my approach was to study 1st subunit by subunit i.e. Unit 1 subunit 1.1, 1.2 and so on, prepare questions after reading each sub unit 1.1, 1.2…. after that reading the whole study unit and performing the practice questions and then after some days revise the whole study unit again and performing the questions again while marking the important questions or the questions I got wrong.

3. Do not attempt next subunit or study unit until you scored 75% in 1st effort and 85% while revising study unit.

4. Be remain in your mind while studying that practice questions are of high-quality for practice but they do not cover every topic of book in detail so you need to concentrate on book along with practice questions in Gleim software.

5. Don’t try to memorize the answers of the practice questions as an alternative see the reason behind each questions’ option even the wrong options to see why they are incorrect.

6. Keep yourself away from decompose learning, grasp the idea behind each subject matter as CIA is a conceptual or theoretical exam.

7. Half way through the course exposure gets a scheduled time date for your paper. It will assist you to stay alert.

8. As a final point, map a specific revision plan; say 4 days before exam over viewing each section from the books and performing the practice questions you have marked previously.