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Friday, 29 March 2013

How Our Business Cycle Works

Like every other business tutoring agency has a business cycle too, our one routine working day spend as follows;

1. Marketing (includes both offline & online, offline marketing will be newspaper, handbills etc., and online such as free classified, community pages and forums etc.).

2. Inquirers (includes all sources telephonic, email and walk in inquirers to our office).

3. Rotation of messages to home teachers via text messages and email.

4. Manage tutors' responses and their database.

5. Transferring of details to both parties i.e., enquirer and teachers.

6. Confirmation of home tuition.

7. Appointment of teacher, agreement signing and other finalisation process.

8. Periodical feed backs from home tuition & teachers (weekly and in some case would be daily).

So this is how we are working and managing our small setup. Well to manage and administer even a small organisation will not be as easy as it would look on paper in start, getting engaged with the business practically will reveal routine issues and obstacles that would be a challenge for a business person and a good businessmen could only handle it wisely.

As we are in our initial phases in these days, many issues will remain unsolved while we are closing our office but when we will start our next day we will have enthusiasm and energy to resolve issues that was remain unsolved and most of them will resolve at the time of closing.

This is all I tried my best to describe you details of activities of  our one working day, may be there would be some activities that was not come in my mind at the time of writing these lines but the major part of our day is spend as per above mentioned details.