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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Blogging in Academic Industry

Blogging and site-building has taken a high profile in these days. A work-in-development in Pakistan and the most interesting and informative source of knowledge.  Blogging is a "power of we, not me".

The education industry of Pakistan and blogosphere is sometimes caught between a rock and hard place. Blogging is the quintessential form of collegiality – if we realize collegiality as the connection of competent co-workers joined in a common objective and respecting each other's skills to perform toward that objective.

The most booming sub-section of any blog is research, which in conjunction with teaching is definitely academy's greatest popular objective. Writing a blog is a multi-tool for today's academic, whether you are a newbie, well-known or somewhere in between. Useful for each researching and practising concepts, it can even be an quick form of publication.

But like any power tool, it's not devoid of its hazards. As your personal self-editor, you can quickly land yourself in trouble (reputational, lawful or in any other case)  for a blogpost. However if, blogging is an particular person words that only turns into significant when addressed to the collective.

"Blogging in higher education, learning and educational exploration provide a lot of illustrations of effective and beneficial collective action. We will have to build our voices heard.